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Products & Services

Access the links below for a full inventory of available products and specifications. For your specific needs, contact us for a commitment-free consultation and quotation within 48 hours.


Product Catalogue- Apparel and Apparatus

Because the personnel entrusted to fight fires is just as critical as the fire itself. Quality assured, made in Singapore.

DEWTON Protective Solutions

APLUS Breathing Apparatus


Product Catalogue-Alarms

Browse of range of Fire Alarm Systems, both Conventional and Addressable. We carry top ranges from the following: 

  • Patent

  • Vanguard

  • Essex Addressable System

  • System Sensors

  • Kobishi

  • KAC

  • Notifier

  • MEDC

  • Hochiki

  • Potter


Product Catalogue- Suppression Systems 

Our robust catalogue encompasses, but is not limited to Sprinkler and Waterspray/Deluge systems. Also included are:

Gas Fire Protection

Wet Chemical Suppression

Foam Fire Fighting Systems


System Analysis & Installation Consult

We are available for consultation on Building Fire Safety requirements, on appointment basis. For general guidelines and processes for SCDF/FSSD approvals please visit the SCDF Plan Approval website.

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